Decoupage-Art created by artist Marion Samways

Make your place LOOK

Marion has worked in the creative design industry for over 10 years – and is passionate about all things ART.
Her unique insight into the artistic and craft process of decoupage brings a fresh and modern approach to this ancient artistic application.
International architects and interior designers, as well as bespoke corporate and private clients commission her work for their businesses and homes.



Although the art of decoupage is centuries old, decoupage furniture is able to look anything but ancient!
The application of paper on to various objects, pieces of furniture and even instruments allow me to create a whole new meaning. I can personalise your kitchen table for example; using meaningful photos of your family, your favourite sports, the music sheets of some of your best loved songs, even cool comic strips, the possibilities are endless. If you love words like me, you could have your table covered with a dictionary or encyclopaedia and learn a new word every day over breakfast!

My portfolio shows some examples of my work which will give a better understanding and more of a feel of what I do.

Decoupage is a wonderful way to personalise and dress up an otherwise impersonal or bland object; and can make ideal presents for birthdays, christmas, anniversaries, weddings or simply just because you want something beautiful and personal to you.

Marion_Bookcase_1026-Sdetaildecoupage-art-personalised-letter-giftMusical coffe table - The Mustangs

So, how can  I create the perfect piece for you?

  • Decide what you would like to have me decoupage – be it a table, wall, chair, instrument, mirror,
    bookcase, door, anything! It could be something you already own, a newly bought object, or if you want something made to specification, then I am able to organise that for you.
  • Get in touch – we can discuss what it is you want over coffee, email or telephone! Either you can provide the photos/images that are personal to you, or I can source images based on your chosen theme.

Mobile: 0780 1166 357

Decoupage-ART  created by Marion Samways


For more information you can also email